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Parra Flat as Attack

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Parramatta’s attacking woes are not the result of a late-season slump. The problem has been there all year. They are as good as any team making yardage out of their end of the field. But they seem to hit an invisible barrier inside the opposition red zone. The attack fizzles out. Players either attack one-out or throw passes that often find a teammate who is standing still. Chief playmaker, Mitchell Moses, occasionally looks threatening when he runs the ball. But his passing and kicking game have been below par, particularly in recent weeks. If it was not for King Gutho creating opportunities for players out wide, the Eels might be struggling to make the eight, let alone grimly holding on to a top-four spot.

They are missing Dylan Brown. But the Eels attack has not changed from before he was injured. It is often too sideways, and alternates between looking slow and cumbersome to being rushed and panicky. They seem to play the whole game like a team chasing points with five to go. The trouble is you wouldn’t back them to win the chase if they were behind in the last five.

On their day Parramatta is one of the best defensive teams in the comp. But the adage that defence wins games will be fully tested in the finals. Unless they find the attacking spark that hasn’t been there all year they will bow out in straight sets.

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