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Treatments + services

Sports Injuries

Our practitioners have extensive experience working with sporting teams, and treating all forms of sports injuries.

Back and neck pain

Our practitioners are leaders in the field, with years of experience and special qualifications in spinal management.

Work injuries

Our practice is set up to manage work-related injuries from the acute stage, through to late stage rehabilitation.

Clinical Pilates

‘Clinical’ Pilates incorporates traditional Pilates into the management of physical injuries & muscle imbalances.

Children and adolescents

Children & adolescents, due to their growing bodies, are subject to quite different injuries compared to adults.

Muscle tension

A significant part of our work involves treating people with general muscular tension.


Many headaches are caused or aggravated by problems in the neck or general muscular system.


There are many forms of arthritis, including inflammatory conditions but the most common is osteoarthritis..

Injury prevention

Our practitioners are experts at assessing the body and finding ‘weak points’ that may contribute to injury.

Concord Sport & Spine Physiotherapy
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