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Hip Joint

Osteoarthritis - Treatment

Total Hip Replacement

Non-arthritic Joint Pain

Physio for Hip Pain

Femoroacetabular Impingement

Labral Tears

Trochanteric Pain:

Knee Joint

also see:

  •     Patellofemoral

  •     Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Latest Research Cartilage 2018

Knee OA Pt 1: New Perspectives
Knee OA Pt 2: PT Management

Extensor Mechanism Dysfunction

Injuries in Female Athletes

ITB Syndrome

Meniscal Injury & OA
TKR - Post-op Rehab

Diagnosis of Meniscal Tears

Diagnosis of Meniscal Tears Pt 2
Posterior Cruciate Lig injury

Lower Leg

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Lumbar Spine

Also see:      Sacroiliac Joint

"Non-specific Low Back Pain"

Epidemiology - General & Construction

Lifting Injuries

LBP in Construction Workers

Adolescent Low Back Pain

Adolescent LBP Pt 2 - Clinical correlation

Stress Fracture


Flexion and Extension Impairments

Rotation / Extension Impairment

Acute LBP Mx Pt 1
Acute Mx Update 2019

Classifying LBP - STOPS study


Does Lyrica help Sciatica?

Chronic LBP - What have we learned?
Chronic LBP - Theories

Chronic LBP - Interesting Facts

Imaging for LBP

Hip Contribution to LBP

CLBP & Mortality

Muscle Injury

Also see:

  •   Hamstrings

  •   Quadriceps

When is best time to start treatment?
Patellofemoral Joint

​Latest Trends in Management
Latest Research 2017

Injuries in Females

Patient Questionnaires & Outcome Measures

Fear Avoidance...FABQ

Orebro short form

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic Floor

Main injury area

Concord Sport & Spine Physiotherapy