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Work injuries

Our practice is set up to manage work-related injuries.
Our practice is set up to manage work-related injuries from the acute stage, through to late stage rehabilitation. We specialise in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, whiplash, muscle strains, overuse injuries, and chronic joint pain.

Through our gymnasium, we regularly provide Workcover approved ‘back-to-work’ conditioning programmes, and have obtained fantastic results in getting our patients back to work and injury free. We assess the patient’s specific workplace demands, and design treatments and exercises that are suitable and relevant to the individual. A physiotherapist supervises the sessions, ensuring that exercises are performed correctly, and that the patient trains their body with safety & efficiency.

We take a very hands-on approach to treatment, using techniques which aim to minimise pain and restriction in the muscles and joints. We also strongly believe in exercise after injury, to retrain the body back to full function. We take the same approach to treating work injuries, as we do in rehabilitating sporting injuries. Some of the exercises incorporated into rehabilitation include:

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Concord Sport & Spine Physiotherapy
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