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Telehealth appointments at Concord Sport & Spine

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Telehealth appointments through Concord Sport & Spine are an online video linkup

between you and your physiotherapist. This allows you to have a ‘virtual’ appointment from your home. If you are unable to see us in person, we can still offer a valuable service. The downside of course, is lack of hands-on treatment. However, in most physiotherapy consultations the ‘hands-on’ is often just a component of treatment. A large part of physiotherapy involves:

- Lots of talking to discuss the problem

- An analysis of the way you move and perform certain activities

- Problem-solving between you and your therapist

- An ‘education’ session to help you understand the injury and the reasons for the proposed treatment

- Prescription of exercises

- Advice from your therapist on a range of helpful interventions

All of this can be done during a video link-up consultation. Telehealth physiotherapy also gives you access to sophisticated, individually prescribed video-based exercise programmes. For those who have the need, Telehealth offers provision for after-hours and weekend physiotherapy.

If you have any questions about this service, email us at, or call us during business hours on 02 9736 1092. Click here to book your Telehealth appointment.

How Does It Work?

We use online secure services, called Coviu and Physitrack. This means that when we conduct a video consultation with a client, the session is completely private, and can never be seen by anyone else on the ‘Web’. It requires you to have a device with camera and audio functions. Your smartphone, iPad, or laptop is likely to be suitable. Your PC may not be, so you may need to check. In any event, it is preferable to use a device that is portable, as you may need to move around during the consultation.

Physitrack, as well as providing video appointments, is an online exercise service. This allows us to send you videos and images of the exercises we prescribe for you, with a detailed explanation.

Once you make a Telehealth appointment, either by phoning us or booking online, we send you a link to enter the video consultation. Prior to commencing the session, you will need to:

- Give your consent to proceed

- Make an online secure payment to cover the cost of the consultation. You can then commence the video appointment. If you would like further information email us at or call us on 02 9736 1092. Click here to make a Telehealth appointment.

At Concord Sport & Spine, we wish you, your family and loved ones all the best of health and well being during this challenging time for us all.

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